142 Precious Alligator Leather

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After receiving payment, they split up the money, and Li Du had 2,500 more dollars to his name.

Hans should never have had money on his hands, or else it would be spent in the blink of an eye.

Since Godzilla was driving, Hans went to buy a dozen chilled beers and started enjoying them in the truck.

He also bought Godzilla a smoked sausage. Godzilla was enjoying the sausage as he drove, with his mouth glistening with oil from the food.

Besides the specimens, alligator leather, and oak furniture, the two units had other random items that were sold to Kevin’s junk store, and they made 1,000 dollars from them. Li Du now had 3,000.

As they began selling the bulkier items, Hans contacted a small auction house in Flagstaff.

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The auction house was called "Freedom Hart," and was located in the central business district of Flagstaff. The place was small, and the renovations were old and odd. Even the doorbell was an old-fashioned bell.

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