550 Possession of Military Equipment

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Cyril looked at Li Du coldly and said, "I don't want to get to know them. However, my fists want to get to know your pretty face!"

One of the gem hunters sniggered. "Give him a punch, buddy. Give him a taste of Winslow's Iron Fist."

Facing their threats, Li Du was not in the least bit bothered.

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He took a step forward, standing in front of Sophie, and said blithely, "Well, you want to fight? Why don't we find a place with fewer people so I can have a taste of your Iron Fists?"

The three pets felt the enmity of the men. Ah Meow leaped, his hackles raised. He glared at them fiercely and yowled, "Meeeooowwww!"

Crispy Noodles was not the best fighter, but he was loyal to Li Du. Li Du stood in front of Sophie, and Crispy Noodles moved to the front of Li Du, brave and staunch.

Ah Ow looked up and howled, "Owwwuuu! Owwwwuuu!"

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