459 Police, Don’t Move!

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Before they entered Rose's house, Du Dayuan handcuffed the briefcase onto his wrist, giving an impression of him being a very cautious person. He did not remove the handcuffs even after they entered the house.

Li Du prepared fruit juice and coffee for the guests and served them. He also took out the famille rose porcelain that he got from Page.

The three of them examined the porcelain ware. Each of them had one in their hand, carefully scrutinizing the piece of beautiful porcelain.

Hans looked on, hopefully awaiting their conclusion, whereas Li Du appeared to be nonchalant. This was because he had already known the porcelain ware were all imitations.

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True enough, the three of them talked softly amongst themselves at first, and Ma Cheng raised his head to give the conclusion. "Xiao Li, I believe you will be disappointed."

Hans cried out, "What's the problem with the porcelain?"

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