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As Li Du had anticipated, as the weapons were not related to the Tucson Air Force Base, the local air force didn't even bother with them. The police also didn't bother with them after they had registered everything and contacted the military.

They embarked on their journey home with equipment that could arm an elite combat team.

However, halfway back from Phoenix they received a call from Homeland Security. They were informed that they would be sending officers over to check out the equipment.

Hans had no reason to reject that; after he gave them their address, they ended the phone call.

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Li Du was stunned and perplexed by the cool reaction of the government bodies. Li felt that they did not take the matter seriously enough.

What Li Du had was equipment and weapons enough to fully equip a combat team. It could have triggered a terrorist attack in the United States if the equipment had landed in the hands of someone with ulterior motives!

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