94 Please Apologize

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Many countries in the world banned domestic trading of elephant ivory, but not mammoth ivory. This was because the mammoth had already been extinct for ten thousand years.

Hans was, therefore, calm and collected even though the police car headed toward them.

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Two cops got out of the car and one of them held a flashlight to inspect the truck.

"Sir, no parking here. Show me both of your driver's licences—oh, you're a friend of Rose, right?"

The cop who spoke was a white guy with brown hair. Li Du remembered his name was Capote. "Hello Officer Capote, you're right; I am Officer Rose's friend, Li. We'll leave right now."

Capote was one of the police officers who were forced to apologize to Rose. Li Du had played a major role contributing to that incident. He felt uneasy seeing Officer Capote.

Officer Capote told his comrade, "Check their trunk to see if they have any prohibited items."

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