1210 Planning A Trap

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Some hours later, night fell and it got dark.

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Li Du went back to the warehouse. Hans and a young African American man waited at the door.

The stranger was about twenty-five years old, with afro hair and a suit of Macy's blue overalls.

After meeting Li Du, the man said, "Only one person is allowed in. We have strict security here, I could not take more people in."

Hans said, "I will not go in the warehouse. I will only go into the compound with you. Is that all right?"

The young man shook his head and Li Du said, "I will give you five hundred more, and my friend will follow us into the door."

The man flipped and mumbled, "Take a quick look."

Hans took out a roll of cash and gave it to the man, who checked it and turned around, saying, "Follow me."

They entered the warehouse by the last light of the setting sun.

They were already walking inside when an electric patrol car came towards them.

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