1229 Piano Duet

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Sophie looked at the boy and said, "I'm going to play, but I want to invite this young man. If he accidentally breaks something, I'll pay for it, okay?"

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The boss pondered and nodded. "No problem, ma'am."

His eyes were sharp and his mind quick. The reason he did not let the boy play the piano at first was not that he was afraid the instrument would break. It was because, from looking at the boy's attire, he was sure that his family could not afford to buy a piano or pay for lessons.

This kind of family were not his potential customers. He estimated that the boy had never touched a piano, and had just watched people playing piano on TV. Now he probably just wanted to touch it to impress his friends.

If it was as he guessed, the boy would not become his customer and did not know how to play the piano. He was not sure what might happen if the boy touched the instrument, but he was certain it could not be good for business. 

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