1145 Phone Call

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Li Du handed Princeps two hundred thousand dollars without hesitation. However, Princeps was not happy and sighed as he took the money.

Hans narrowed his eyes at Princeps and said, "What, buddy? Not so eager to take the money? You can leave it behind for us."

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Princeps smiled bitterly. "Now, I have offended everyone. Isn't that so? You guys, and George Anthony. I have offended all of you."

Li Du patted his shoulder and said, "Nope, you did not offend me. We call quits. In the future, there will be no problems between us anymore. You have already paid back what you owed us."

Princeps smiled bitterly again and said, "Thanks."

He now realized that it was better to have the Anthonys as his enemies than pit himself against Li Du.

All that he regretted now was that he had not had the good sense to see this earlier.

If he had made friends with Li Du from the start, perhaps he could have made quite a bit of money by following his lead.

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