90 Persevered Through

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April, in other places, was probably just a beautiful springtime.

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In Phoenix, however, this period was sweltering hot.

Americans loved to give nicknames to their cities. New York was well-liked, so they called it "The Big Apple." In California, they discovered gold, so it was called "The Golden State." Phoenix was called "The Sunshine State," and one could feel the heat just from the name.

At 9 am, they rushed to the storage auction, and the two had managed to arrive in a rush. The pickup truck was in such a terrible state that the repair shop had been unwilling to fix it until this morning; Hans had raged at the mechanic until they fixed it.

Memorial Storage Co. was large, so the number of treasure hunters that were attracted to the event was also large. Li Du saw at least 80 people in the crowd after he got out of the truck. "Sh*t, looks like lots of sweating today."

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