161 Patek Philippe

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Although Li Du had controlled the little bug for so long, the information he had in regards to the little bug was very small.

For example, how did the little bug level up? Did it level up purely by absorbing the time energy? How much energy did the little bug need before it could level up? What was the unit of measure to measure time energy?

However, Li Du knew a bit about the little bug’s choices—the items it liked.

The little bug would automatically absorb the time energy of items that had existed for at least 50 years, and if the owner had taken great care for the item, the more attractive it was to the little bug.

Li Du also guessed that perhaps not only time energy alone had attracted the little bug. The energy and efforts made by the owner or creator to create or take care of the item attracted the bug as well.

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Nevertheless, the little bug was a great help in his line of work as a treasure hunter—preloved antiques were items of great value.

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