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Li Du did not know what to say. Hearing Remonin's envious tone and seeing his covetous look, Li Du recalled that his helicopter was a Mi-8 model.

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Although he was no military expert, Li Du knew that T-54 and BMP-1 tanks were very old and dated. They had all been long eliminated from modern armies.

Li Du truly understood the expression 'country bumpkin' from the look on Remonin's face.

He could not help but say, "Commander, can you procure weapons from the Ministry of Defense by yourself? If there is a battle, the ones you have won't be of much use."

Remonin lost his smile. "How can that be? I know you Americans and Chinese have more advanced armies. But here, my weapons and equipment are considered the cream of the crop."

Li Du stopped to think and realized that he had been impractical. Remonin would not be declaring war on Europe or America. Advanced weapons would be of no use to him.

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