1038 Palladium Card

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In the afternoon, Li Du, together with Brother Wolf, alighted from a cab and entered a JP

Morgan branch in Los Angeles. 

They took a queue number and waited for the counter clerk to announce their turn.

Then Li Du walked up to the counter and passed over a pale gold card. He said, "Hi, I

would like to check the balance."

The clerk smiled and said, "Sir, you can check your balance at the ATM… oh, please

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accept my apologies. I will check this for you right now." 

Halfway through his speech, the clerk noticed the card and straightened his back. He

took Li Du's card at once, turning around and mumbling at the same time. 

He typed furiously, half-hidden behind the computer screen, and said to Li Du, "Please

enter your passcode."

Li Du said, "There should be no passcode on this card."

The clerk looked at him with sluggish eyes.

Li Du said again, "There is not supposed to be a passcode for this card." 

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