939 Painstaking Effort

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The four little ones were intelligent fighters and the best of their kinds. They were obviously extremely arrogant.

However, after the incident with the alligator snapping turtle, their arrogance had been curbed. Just as Li Du had said, they might have understood now not to think too highly of themselves as there was always someone better and stronger.

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Or, they might have matured. They were no longer undisciplined and out of control. While Ali was younger than the other animals and had a poor memory, as soon as its wound stopped hurting, it became just as high in fighting spirit as before.

Once Li Du woke up, he continued to search for diamonds. Ali was bouncing vivaciously back to the pile of crushed stones, hoping to find the alligator snapping turtle.

Sophie grabbed its thick and large tail, then lifted it up like a bag. She took it along with the three little ones back to the park.

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