1155 Overseas Lucky Dip

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Li Du felt that the tour agency was unreliable. However, he had only given the tour guide two hundred dollars and his parents had been happy during the tour. Hence, he did not feel like he had lost out.

Hearing that they were going for a lucky dip, someone asked, "Young man, is that a free lucky dip or a paid one?"

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The tour guide smiled gallantly. "Sir, it's a free lucky dip. Our tour agency collaborates with these associations. Anyone can have one chance to take part in the lucky dip for free."

"That's great," An old man and old lady smiled.

One lady was unhappy. "Ah? One chance per headcount? There's only me from my entire family who joined this tour. Some people here have come with their whole family, so this is not exactly fair, right?"

Li Du was stunned. They have not even seen the lucky dip yet and did not know what they might win. Why are they so godd*mn anxious? It seems like they are already vying for the prize.

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