909 Overbearing Suppression

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The price of one hundred thousand was very low, and many treasure hunters raised their hands at the same time as they shouted, "Me!"

Li Du laughed. "Nobody is being a gentleman this time?"

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Soon, he could no longer laugh. These men did not just stop being gentlemen, they had suddenly turned into bastards. 

When the price hit one hundred and twenty thousand dollars, he joined the bidding and shouted, "121,000 dollars!"

"122,000, dollars. Chinaman, don't you think of taking this storage away!" Conrad shouted, challenging him. 

Li Du pointed at him and said furiously, "Hey, auctioneer, what he said was racist." 

The white-gloved man pretended not to hear anything. One of the treasure hunters beside him said coldly, "What a chicken heart you have! You can't even stand these words? Then just don't be a treasure hunter, go and be a grave keeper, and there won't be anyone saying anything to agitate you."

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