572 Overarching Sunset

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Finally, Li Du saw the opal.

Without needing his instructions, Crispy Noodles climbed down and picked it up using his claws before handing it over to Li Du.

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Over the course of the day, Crispy Noodles had figured out that Li Du was seeking similar red gemstones. At times, when digging for the preserved fruit, he would also intuitively dig out an opal along the way and hand it over to Li Du.

The gemstone in his hand, Li Du could feel its heaviness and was elated.

He used his shirt to wipe the gemstone clean and looked at it using the light from his flashlight.

After one glance at it, he was stunned.

Earlier, he'd only noticed the gemstone's size and purity and had not looked in detail at the pattern inside as it had been stained with dirt, making it hard to see. After wiping it clean, he finally understood how precious the gemstone that he found was!

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