232 Organizing An Auction

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Li Du, who was almost ready to quote a price, was startled by the bald man’s sudden appearance. He asked, "And you are?"

After taking two deep breaths, the man gave him a beaming smile and said, "How are you, Mister Li? And Mister Fox, right? Let me introduce myself, I am the supervisor of this storage facility, David Richards."

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Li Du nodded and said, "How are you, Mister Richards? May I know what’s the matter?"

Smiling, Richards said, "Yes, there’s something I need to trouble you with. Could you sell this Batpod back to our company?"

Frances hugged her arms and smiled. "Wow, looks like I’ve caused some trouble for myself. Did Chris contact you? To get you to buy back this Batpod?"

Richards gave her a wry smile. "No, it was Mr. Roven who called me. I made a huge mistake, d*mmit—I made a huge mistake!"

"Who is Mister Roven?" Li Du had no idea.

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