783 Open the Box

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Smuggling in any country was monopolized by local gangs, which meant they were in trouble with the local gangs.

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However, Li Du was not afraid. They had already offended the gang. Obviously, the smuggling was done by a local gang called the Poisonous Fang Gang.

He was sure that there was someone in the box. He had the gang's evidence, and he was sure he could deal with them as soon as the police arrived.

Australia, after all, was not Somalia, where the police may be cooperating with gangs. Besides, it would impossible to defend the gang when the evidence was so strong.

As more and more stevedores rushed in, Li Du and the others were in a losing position.

It was not a good choice to fight or to settle it by obeying their orders. Li Du could only deal with these people through judicial means. He waved his hand and pointed to the container and said, "First, seize this thing!"

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