950 One Process After Another

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Without Sophie, everything in the mine became much more normal. The workers were either lazing around or going about their business. Few people cared about Li Du and his gang.

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The people in charge of the mine followed the lion hunter. The miners were not afraid of them at all. When they appeared, those who were previously working were still working and those who were lazy were still idling.

The people in charged shouted at random, no matter whether it was relevant or not. Their job was done once they finished shouting.

After a visit to the mine pit, Li Du decided to go out for a breath. It was too depressing. He couldn't blame the workers for being crazy. If he were to work here for any length of time, he would go crazy too.

They went out, and the lion hunter handed him a cigar and said, smiling, "What do you think, man?"

"This is crazy. This job is torture," sighed Li Du.

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