1192 Old Town Style

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To normal people, an MPV was spacious. The R-Class Mercedes was even more spacious than regular cars. However, for Godzilla, the space was too cramped. He was like a tiger trapped in a cage – he felt terrible in the car.

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Having got off the car, he stretched himself casually. His denim clothing was on the verge of bursting as his terrifyingly huge muscles bulged and rippled.

Godzilla clenched his fists and pulled his arms backward for a stretch and his joints made a cracking sound. His clothes looked as though they were about to tear. With a 'ping', the button on his chest gave way.

The three youths turned green with fear and turned around to walk off, their heads hanging low.

Driver looked at them condescendingly and waved his hands. He said, "Stop, stop, stop. What did you guys say just now?"

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