178 Old Goods Trade

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To Li Du, to turn a pile of parts—and not even a complete set of parts—into a proper motorcycle, the difficulty seemed outrageous!

He reminisced for a moment; since his childhood, the largest thing that he had tried to build was… yeah, a computer desk.

But for Hans, Stephen, and even Hannah, using these parts to assemble a motorcycle was just like assembling a computer desk. It didn’t take them much effort.

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Stephen was an expert in this field, so he was leading the task.

Li Du just watched at the side. After the few hands worked together, the pile of parts was assembled, and finally the rough outline of a motorcycle was forming.

Half a day flew by, and it was time for lunch. After, a motorcycle finally appeared before him. Hans topped up gas into the fuel tank, and then pressed the accelerator. The motorcycle roared to life.

"That’s incredible! Great job," Li Du heaved a sigh of admiration.

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