1125 Old Driver

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Hans, Brother Wolf and the rest mourned the death of the unfortunate siblings by

drawing a cross over their chests. The border inspectors also shook their heads and

followed suit.

Nobody would feel indifferent about the situation then.

The American volunteers who have found the corpses of the two siblings had to send

the corpses back to Mexico.

The Mexican officials waited on the other side to receive the two stretchers carrying the


A piece of white cloth was placed over each stretcher and the top and bottom of the

stretcher had been secured. A lady unclasped the cross necklace hanging from her

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neck and placed it on top of the smaller stretcher. Her face was full of anguish.

Behind them, there was a group of people waiting for deportation. Handcuffed, they

lined up like a bunch of convicts surrounded by policemen who were sending them back

to Mexico.

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