1160 Offshore Mansion

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Things went as Li Du expected. The anger of the old gentlemen and ladies burst out once they knew this was a big fraud, flooding the organizers.

Indeed, the mood among the tourists was even more violent than he had expected.

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The police department had arranged for two cars to come and check things out. When the police officers found that there was a riot on the beach, they did not even dare to get out of the cars. The cars moved slowly on the beach and called for backup forces.

Four more police cars came, and then even more from all directions, including an urban anti-riot vehicle.

Police arrested the scam organizers and broke up the tourist group to get everyone to calm down.

Some old men and women were so emotional that they almost attacked the police officers.

Seeing this, the Australian police showed no leniency. They directly pinned the offenders to the ground with their shields, handcuffed them and took them away.

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