439 Of Imps and Fishes

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Sensing the Native Americans' evil intent, Ah Meow, who had been waiting in Li Du's backpack, popped out, wiggled his paws and howled non-stop, showing that he was ready for battle.

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Seeing Ah Meow, a few Native Americans looked interested in him. They started to point at him; their eyes were fiery with passion.

Li Du knew this expression very well. When he was hunting at the National Park previously, the Native Americans of the Comanche tribe, which Harris had been leading, had shown the same expressions upon seeing Ah Meow.

As ocelots were deemed brave and fierce fighters in the jungle, many Native Americans regarded them as totems. Some wealthy Native Americans loved keeping ocelots as pets.

But, of course, other ocelots were neither as ferocious as nor as intelligent as Ah Meow.

In order to avoid any conflict, Li Du stuffed Ah Meow back into his backpack.

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