730 Ocelot VS Tiger Snake

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With the tiger snake gradually raising its head in a slow manner and its body coiling like a spring, it looked like it was ready to launch an attack at any moment. 

At the same time, it emitted hissing sounds, which were used to intimidate its opponent, from its mouth.

Despite that, Ah Meow, who was its opponent, was unfazed by the hissing. I beat up an adult Mexican wolf before. Why would I be afraid of you—a soft piece of trash?

From the previous clash, it was clear that the tiger snake was not a match for Ah Meow.

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Earlier, Ah Meow had saved Big Quinn's life. Tiger snakes were able to secrete potent venom that contained a neurotoxin, procoagulants, hemolysins, and a myotoxin that was unique to snakes and were known as one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

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