957 Notorious

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Li Du used to watch TV when he was very young. The central channel had a flagship program called The Animal World.

The program used to accompany much of post-80s' and post-90s' childhood and adolescence, and produced a popular joke to relating to the post-90s. The humor is in the opening words: spring is coming, everything recovers, the prairie is approaching the mating season of the animals.

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The program often focused on Africa as the host country. On TV, it seemed that Africa was full of animals.

It did not look this way now, however, probably because it was the winter season. They drove through the grassland for an hour, far away from the tribe, and still did not see any wild animals.

As they drove, they did meet some rabbits and birds, but the lion hunter scorned hunting small animals. He wanted to take Li Du to hunt lions and leopards and so on.

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