637 Not in Good Faith

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Wolfgang walked briskly as he dragged the cart along. Li Du stood in his way yet he didn't look forward. Instead, he turned his head to look at his daughter. He, however, said, "Don't stand in my way!"

Li Du smiled and said, "Hey, Brother Wolf. We've met previously. Don't sound so unfriendly."

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Wolfgang looked at him in surprise and nodded indifferently. He didn't say a word, so it didn't matter if his tone was warm or cold.

Li Du patted Wolfgang's chest; the chest muscles felt even more solid than the brick wall behind him. He sighed. "Hope you'll be able to keep your promise. Protect me well, for the yearly salary of a million dollars."

Wolfgang, who had been composed so far, was dumbfounded. He continued staring straight at Li Du, then swallowed before throwing his cart down. Then with a "swoosh," he saluted Li Du.

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