976 No Mood to Enjoy

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The difference was more than the difficulty of getting food and the attitude towards it.

There was so much more!

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When Li Du returned from the Hadza tribe, the lion hunter saw that he was not

interested in hunting. After they spent another day and a half in the wild, the lion hunters

had a new idea.

He said, "Li, I'm sorry, but I should have asked you for your opinion beforehand. I

shouldn't have taken you directly to hunt. It is obviously not something you love to do."

Li Du was not a man to be ungrateful. He hastened to say, "You are too polite, man. My

fiancé and I are not really interested in hunting wild animals. Nevertheless, this trip on

the grassland opened my horizons. I am very grateful for your warm hospitality."

Sophie also said, "Yes, sir, your hospitality is wonderful. I now know that there is such a

wonderful, rich life outside the United States. The African tribes have such a complex


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