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After packing, Li Du was ready to leave. At this moment, Musa came up to him and tugged at his clothes.

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Due to their different physiques, it was like a child pulling at an adult. The expression of fear on Musa's face made him look extremely pitiful.

But Li Du could not bring him to South Africa, and said, "You can stay here or leave. Do you understand me? I promise the general will not make things difficult for you anymore."

Musa said slowly, "Retz (Let's) go together. Grandpa, papa . . . "

Li Du laughed. "Don't call me grandpa or papa. You can call me 'Li' or Mr. Li. Both work."

"Retz go together, grandpa," Musa continued.

Li Du helplessly said, "It's not that I don't want to bring you with me, but I am not going to your tribe. I am going to South Africa. Do you know South Africa?"

He pointed to the south. Then, Musa nodded. "I . . . there."

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