1142 News at the Bar

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The Anthonys had also gained from that auction. They won four warehouses and found

some valuable items inside. Altogether, they would be able to make more than one

hundred thousand dollars.

A profit of more than one hundred thousand was considered a lot. After all, warehouses

were not gold mines, and rarely did people become millionaires overnight.

However, at that auction, someone did find gold. Moreover, it was someone whom the

Anthonys despised, which made them even more jealous.

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At noon, George Anthony met up with Jesus and a few other famous treasure hunters.

He had wanted to bring Conrad along but Conrad was not in the mood. He stayed

behind by himself.

However, he stayed behind not because he wished to calm down. He had other


Nogales was a town famed for its border tourism. Many Mexicans shuffled between

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