363 New Replaces Old

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The bar was dimly lit; an old-fashioned disco ball hung from the ceiling. Small light rays brushed over people's faces and bodies as it rotated.

On the stage of the bar, an adult man with long hair was singing ballads in his husky voice: "A girl, oh my God, in a Ford pickup, she slowed down and looked at me..."

Listening to a song that they did not know, chilling with their friends and drinking their low-quality beer, the bar’s main customers were comprised of mainly the townsfolk. The atmosphere was simple and relaxing, and it actually seemed pretty enjoyable.

Li Du liked the environment, so when he heard what Hans said, he was puzzled. "Why is there trouble?"

Hans sighed, "Look at two o’clock, brother. Two o’clock."

Li Du turned and saw two familiar faces: the Ricks!

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They had been talking about the Ricks only two days ago, and now they were seeing them again only after a short period of time.

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