835 New Journey

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During that time, mine 122 was surrounded by bad smells. Fortunately, the mines were so large that the smell quickly faded.

During the previous two nights, Li Du had used the little bug to determine the location of the pits around the mine, and then dug holes down to the mine. He told Aubrey to get two dung-filled trucks from town, and then he poured feces into the holes. He did the same to all eight pits.

Who asked you to invade my territory!? Li Du raged to himself. He wondered, Are they thinking it is still the Eight-Nation Alliance era? As President Peng once said, the history of the imperialist conquest of a country on the coast was over.

Using liquid feces to deal with the mine hole was an effective method Li Du had thought of. The mine hole underneath was very close to the surface. The inflow of fecal water would further ferment, and with the passage of time, the smell would not be reduced but would actually become worse!

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