1179 Nenets

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Looking for things on the endless ice sheet was a hard job. Apart from the physical fatigue, the excessive dullness of it caused mental exhaustion.

Therefore, the group of people took a long noon break, during which they could feel free to drink and eat, play cards while chatting, and relax by entertaining themselves.

Li Du quickly won the favor of the hunters, not only because he saved a number of people who fell into the water, and not only due to his admirable drinking skills, but also thanks to his temperament and character.

Meteorite hunters were essentially the same kind of people as treasure hunters. The Ford brothers and Steve were born with a lot of money. The way they spoke sounded very well-bred and classy.

This distanced them from the hunters, who were considered by both sides to be mercenaries, which, of course, they were, so the hunters did not have casual chitchat with their employers.

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