358 Need For Speed

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Faced with all the complaints, the calm and composed Sayder put on a smile and said firmly, "No, no, no, my dear friends, the fire extinguisher has not been sold, but it can’t be auctioned as the owner has decided to donate the item to a town—"

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"Bullsh*t, there must be some dirty deal behind the scenes here!" someone shouted.

"The donation’s just a hoax. There’s certainly money being traded under the table."

"Let the tax bureau investigate that," laughed Sayder. "From our point of view, this is a good thing that’s worth encouraging."

Mayor Jordan was invited up on stage; he shook hands with Sayder, then took the microphone from him. "My name is Steve Jordan, mayor of Highland Town. If you’ve been to Highland Town, you might know who I am."

Flagstaff was not a huge place. There were around 200 people present here at the auction—there would be at least one person who knew Mayor Jordan.

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