555 Need for A Plan

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At the same moment Li Du saw Rick, Rick saw him.

Rick wore a similar surprised expression. It was obvious that he found it unbelievable to suddenly be seeing Li Du.

After the reality sunk in, his mood changed and both his eyes became bloodshot. His expression was extremely aggressive. "Chinaman, why the f*ck are you doing here at my house?"

Li Du knew it wouldn't be an easy matter to deal with, and so he remained composed and said, "This is your house? I'm sorry, Mr. Rick. Looks like I got the wrong place."

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Rick waved his perfectly fine left hand and hollered, "Make him scram, Chalmers. Make this d*mn *sshole get outta here!"

The well-mannered guy was Chalmers. He smiled. "Looks like my relative doesn't welcome you. Goodbye, sir."

Li Du was not in the least bothered by his eviction order. He said, "You must be Mr. Diamond? There has been a misunderstanding between Mr. Rick and myself, but there is none between us—I'm here to give you money—"

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