553 National Geographic

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In the box were books—or rather, neatly stacked magazines.

On the cover of each of these magazines was a bright yellow border with a laurel leaf pattern. All were well-kept, and arranged in the order of their published date.

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Without looking, Li Du already knew the title of the publication: "National Geographic," the most well-known and widely circulated magazine in the US and around the entire world.

The box that the little bug had flown into had magazines from 2000. There were titles like "Stunning Rare Footage Reveals Elusive Snow Leopards," and "Discover Europe's Far-Flung Island Paradise."

Beyond these magazines, there was also magazines from other years: 2001, 2002, 2003. A portion of them were from 2004.

Li Du's gaze lingered on these magazines. National Geographic was a series of quality magazines. It had rich content and impactful information. Li Du had been reading it lately as he had found that such magazines could broaden one's horizons.

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