614 Narwhal   

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The news regarding Li Du's kidnapping had already spread. As this case was most likely related to his profession, the police investigated quite a few treasure hunters.

After seeing him, everyone's gaze suddenly converged on him. Some were pitiful, some rejoicing, some curious, but most of them were taking delight in his misfortune.

"Hey Li, heard you were kidnapped by a few rascals? Thank God you managed to escape."

"Those rascals are really lawless and too dangerous. I actually didn't realize I was that close to danger."

"Look at your silly self. Who would be dumb enough to kidnap you? What would they kidnap you for? For one more rice bucket?"

"Las Vegas is really too chaotic. I think I am not going to participate in the auction here again."

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"Is it chaotic? See, the Chinaman is fine. If this was Texas or somewhere else, I dare say he wouldn't be coming back once he was kidnapped."

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