1052 Naive Rich Man

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When the call failed to go through, Hans looked worried. He pushed the door open and paced outside the car, frowning.

Li Du thought it was nothing and said lazily, "Just call again, why are you in a rush?"

Hans stared at him and said, "Shit, I'm afraid something had happened. It's a business that cost millions!"

Tang Chaoyang was not wrong. The valuable comic book here could be worth for millions.

Li Du did not care much about the money. It was only ten million dollars. Besides the huge amount of money on his bank card, the diamond mine he owned and the opal mine he was about to own cost hundreds of millions!

There was no need to say this, however, so he looked at the beautiful scenery outside and asked, "What could possibly happen?"

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Hans muttered, "What if the information gets out and someone steals that boy Porter's cell phone, gets our coordinates and then comes to grab our comic book when we call?"

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