478 Mystery

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Two thousand dollars was the low price which Li Du assigned to the first storage unit. Even though the toilet bowls in the storage unit seemed to be luxurious, they were broken, and the cost to fix them would be very high.

His willingness to pay this price was for the fourteenth box. Inside were some unopened items for daily use and he would earn a profit selling them to general stores.

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The number of people that attended this auction was not a lot because there was another auction going on in Phoenix. There were also a few companies organizing auctions in Tempe, so the treasure hunters were distributed.

Additionally, a few of them did not see the inside the storage units, so the competition for the first storage unit wasn't intense.

Ferris bidded with resolution and ultimately managed to snag the storage unit at a low price of 2,000 dollars.

The treasure hunters from Flagstaff did not compete—that was the main reason he managed to snag it.

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