1137 Mustang

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Looking at the cars in the warehouse, Hans could not help shaking his head.

Li Du smiled and said, "Take a good look. What's wrong with these cars?"

"What's wrong?" Hans looked at the cars, wondering.

Li Du went to pat the doors and body of one car and said, "They are refitted!"

Hans nodded. "Yes, I can see that, but what about them being refitted?"

Li Du said, "Who would bother to try and smuggle old refitted cars or abandoned


Hans looked at him with a start. "There is something about the car! What's hidden in it?"

Some scattered treasure hunters heard the discussion and gathered around again.

Someone said sadly, "Yeah, why didn't I think of that?"

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"What use would it be to think of it? How much did this warehouse cost?"

"No wonder George bid against him for the warehouse. Apparently, George saw it, too!"

Hans waved excitedly and said to Godzilla, "Go, go, get the car out."

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