560 Mr. Li The Veteran Hunter

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Li Du wasn't sure if he had done this deliberately to rev up the emotions of the treasure hunters, but the storage unit Chalmers had chosen to open first was the one containing the whole set of imitation antique furniture.

Li Du gave eye signals to a few of his friends. Everyone was lining up to view the unit but as there weren't many people, the viewing had ended quickly. 

Over the past few days, Chalmers had watched many videos and documentaries relating to storage auctions and auctions in general. He had also called his cousin Rick to find out more about this industry.

As such, he had seen how the auctioneers would raise their hands. He did the same and then said rapidly, "Come on, give me a bid! Everyone, everyone, everyone. You guys have an idea of the value of this unit? How about I price it at 2,500 dollars?"

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