899 Moving to Phoenix

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Li Du had never expected things to turn out like this. His plan was just to repurchase the motorcycle that he had sold and gift it to Bruce to encourage him and reward him for the good deeds he had done.

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In the end, not only had Bruce received the motorcycle as encouragement, but there was also someone who was willing to take him out of the slums. What's more, that person was an actor with a great reputation. Obviously, he was not just simply talking, he was really helping.

Just like that, the chance of a lifetime had unexpectedly appeared.

Christian promised that he would take care of Bruce until he came of age. Until then, he would assist Bruce in taking care of Mini Donkey and his other buddies. Not only could Bruce escape the living hell of Salem Harbor, the little buddies whom he cared for could escape, too.

Li Du left his contact details with Bruce so he could call him if he needed any help. He would help Bruce whenever he could.

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