125 Move Away

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Seeing the gun, Hans’s eyes shined even brighter. He instantly exclaimed, "Sh*t, a Japanese machine gun! Awesome, even though it’s just a junk gun!"

Li Du had done some research on the mess of steel beforehand. Just like those papers, this machine gun also belonged to the Japanese military.

It was famous in the battlefields in China; the notorious Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun.

The chest contained a well-preserved optical sight piece for the gun. Li Du placed his eye on the sight and looked outside. The view was clear and crisp.

As he continued gazing at the scenery through the scope, he asked, "Is this really a junk gun? This gun is really good. It’s accurate and has a high killing ability. See, it even has an optical scope."

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During the designing of the Type 92 HMG, to achieve one of the military ideals of executing high-precision killing, this gun was equipped with an optical scope similar to sniper rifles.

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