645 More and More Gains

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Li Du laughed out loud in the face of suspicion and said, "How could that be?"

"Why not? You're driving a pickup truck," someone said.

A gem hunter who was about to enter the National Park said, "Hey, Old Charlie, don't you seek trouble. We all know this guy won't do that. He's a righteous person!"

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Someone next to him said, "Yah, if it weren't for Boy Wonder, God knows how much money Christopher and those sons of b*tches would have gotten away with that time!"

"He didn't only do this. He also helped to pay for unlucky old Deckard."

Li Du nodded his thanks. He was grateful for these gem hunters speaking up for him, even though he didn't know them.

A bald black man extended his hand to him. "You've our respect, Boy Wonder from Flagstaff."

There were some of them who still treated Li Du with disdain. One of them sneered. "He's so righteous, just like that generous Apostle Peter."

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