261 Moonshine Culture

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Goatee smiled and said, "No, the Amish don’t like making friends with people like me. However, they do like to barter, and my car happened to have stuff that they like."

"You’re a smart one," Li Du said.

"More like a smart scumbag—everyone thinks I’m a scumbag," he laughed heartily.

Li Du shook hands with him and said, "I’m Li. Nice to meet you. Feel free to look, see if there’s anything that you like."

"I’m glad to meet you, Li. I’m Garter, Goatee Garter. You too—feel free to see if anything from my truck catches your attention."

The truck was messy, full of rusted metallic items, copper items with Verdigris, some wooden furniture, and some crudely-made porcelain items.

Li Du felt that these things were close to being antiques. With his previous experience involving the dodo bird, he was quite interested in the things the Amish had. Thus, he let out the bug.

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