433 Monopolizing The Auction

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It was finally time for the auction of the medium-sized storage units.

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The starting bids and closing bids for the first few storage units were pretty dismal and nothing significant. The treasure hunters were all feeling lethargic.

This was why Li Du was not confident of securing the next storage unit. Everyone was hyped up as the fishing machine was a highlight which had induced an explosive price war:

"Eleven thousand dollars!"

"Twelve thousand dollars!"

"I offer 15,000 dollars!"

"We offer 18,000 dollars!"

"Twenty thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars!"

The auctioneer was grinning so hard that his eyes were almost one straight line. He kept pointing his hand towards the crowd. His income was dependent on the final prices of the storage units, and those before these were not profitable. Only this storage unit could make him any money.

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