848 Mine Auction

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That night, Sophie came back to tell Li Du that it was Miranda Kerr, an Australian supermodel, who had lost her underwear.

"It was probably Ah Meow who did it. This is the second time he has done this. Do you think it will be caught on camera this time?" Li Du asked.

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Sophie was shocked and said, "Ah Meow did it? Nothing was recorded. The security guard watched the video and found no trace."

The men's and women's dressing rooms were not likely to have cameras. Ah Meow might have once again used his ability to move from the wall of the outer part of the hotel, so that was why the camera had not captured him.


The two of them looked at him, and he acted as if he was very interested in the carpet in front of him. Obviously, he was feeling guilty. Otherwise, with his character, usually once Li Du and Sophie looked at him, he would come over to get their attention.

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