1146 Military Commander

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Indeed, Li Du had guessed right.

Remonin rarely rang him up. However, the last two times he called, he talked about how

he had made use of the cash Li Du gave him in trying to get himself to a higher position

in Mozambique.

When he called previously, he had used his satellite phone. This time, he dialed using a

legal international IDD and he sounded ecstatic. Hence, Li Du guessed that he must

have achieved some sort of new position.

It was simple logic. Remonin must have been successful in rising from a tribal chief to

an official of Mozambique. That was the only thing that could explain why he used a

new number and sounded so happy.

Indeed, Li Du returned the call and Remonin said, "You're supernatural. I cannot help

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but suspect that you have a pair of eyes by my side."

Li Du smiled. "Those were just logic-based guesses. I surmise I have guessed


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