1296 Migration Route

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The Northern Islands, more commonly known in Russia as Severnaya Zemlya – literally meaning Northern Land, were off the coast of the Arctic Ocean and consisted a part of Russia's northernmost region.

The islands were located between the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea in the Arctic Ocean, across the Vilkitsky Strait from the northernmost point of Siberia, Cape Chelyuskin. 

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The archipelago included several islands, the largest of which were October Revolution, Bolshevik, Komsomolets, and Pioneer. In addition to these four large islands, there were more than 70 smaller ones.

With a total area of 37,600 square kilometers, the islands had a large territory and a small population. There were almost no permanent residents on the islands. Because of the freezing temperatures, nearly half of the area was covered by glaciers all year round.

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