1176 Meteorite Hunter

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

  The Ford brothers intended to get to know Li Du but had no intention of talking to him about meteorites. 

 When they talked about meteorites they only talked about the difficulty of looking for those and the places they have searched before, but never about the purpose of looking for meteorites and how they planned to use them. 

 As it happened, Li Du did not care much. 

 The search for a fifth dimension, the crossing of time and space, looking for the origin of life, and so on, seemed unreliable and pointless to him. 

 Anyway, he would not spend his energy, money and material resources to do this kind of thing. He would rather make money and build a comfortable living area wherever he liked, like these people.

 He believed that both Steve and the Ford brothers had money to burn and that for them, taking risks and exploring these so-called unsolved mysteries could be a source of inspiration.

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